IZIPIZI #SUN Nautic White

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Sunglasses for water sports and driving - 100% UV protection, category 3, polarized lenses - Unisex, universal model - Non-prescription - Storage pouch included in the box 

A body of water or a wet road reflect 20% of sunlight received.

Polarized lenses

Sunglasses equipped with polarized lenses can directly block this reflected light.

Flex hinges

Flexible and comfortable arms, which adapt to all face shapes and sizes.


Designed for fans of water sports and driving, the #SUN Nautic, with its grey/green polarized lenses (category 3, 100% UV protection) respects natural colours, provides better contrast and protects against glare.
And as for style... Our #SUN Nautic sunglasses have a curved frame and flexible arms. Models are unisex and available in a selection of super-trendy colours.
The popular #SUN Nautic collection has established itself as an essential piece of sporty-chic eyewear!


This model complies with the international standards for sunglasses (ISO 12312-1).


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